Our Facilities

In addition, CMP Plastics is equipped with the latest injection molding technology, including a sophisticated quality control station. We have an overhead crane that allows for quick mold changes and provides a safe working environment, as it covers the entire production facility. Complimented by our team of skilled technicians and production specialists, all of our customer’s molds are handled safely and with the utmost care when they are installed and removed from the injection molding machines. CMP Plastics will not use a forklift and a chain to install molds. In order to minimize cycle times, we have integrated state-of-the-art equipment, which optimizes manufacturing processes, and improves assembly.  The plant also features a sophisticated water-cooling system.

Our warehouse is situated in our facility, however, separate from our plant, thus eliminating the risk of any contamination when manufacturing pharmaceutical or food related products. Our raw materials are stored separate in an enclosed area, thereby creating safe and clean atmosphere.We also have a segregated Quality Control room for product testing and sampling. Although each part is visually inspected upon the ejection from the machine, we are further committed to monitoring quality through the use of random checks.