About Us

img_1289CMP Plastics International Inc., based out of Toronto, Ontario, has been in operation as a full service custom plastic injection molder since 1989. Over that time we have positioned ourselves as a global supplier of plastic products for a diverse range of industries, such as food, health, electronics, medical, toy, packaging, cosmetics, houseware, hardware, automotive and sports & leisure.

Our point of differentiation from the competition is our ability to work with businesses of varied size and scope. We are never reluctant to take on a difficult or demanding job, as we have the right equipment and expertise to make any project a successful one. Conversely, no project is too small for us; we will provide the same diligence and care in manufacturing and quality assurance to any customer, regardless of their size.

CMP Plastics is focused on manufacturing quality products on time at the lowest possible price. We place emphasis on value by maintaining the highest quality standards and offering flexibility in the product offering. We closely adhere to customers’ deadlines due to our 24-hour operation schedule, thereby assuring timely delivery of products.

CMP Plastics is truly an international company. Our global market reach is demonstrated by the high number of customers that are located outside of Canada. Corporations such as Kraft General Foods, Quaker, and Corning Cable Systems highlight the list of our international customers.